Longevity Medical Specialists


Decipher the Mysteries of life

Ayla Executive Medical’s commitment is to inspire and advice our guests to live a happier, healthier and better life. Our holistic approach to medical wellbeing utilizes a combination of progressive medical expertise, internationally trained specialists and a sensational collection of traditional and alternative ideologies. Programs are meticulously created to enhance life to its fullest potential, fulfilling every physical, psychological and emotional need.

We believe in a holistic and preventive approach to health. By becoming the architects of our own vitality, we have the instruments to protect ourselves as we age: Premier Insight, Integrated Medical, Selective Nutrition, Proper Movement and Balanced Wellbeing. All of our programs are built on these 5 principles for longevity. They work together as a whole to promote energy production, cellular growth and system balance. Handpicked doctors and therapists personally oversee the philosophy and science behind our programs. We strive for perfection every day, for the highest level of detail, offering the most exclusive experience.

We believe you are unique. Your health partner should be too. In an ever-faster world, Ayla Executive Medical can be your sanctuary. And when you leave, you step into a different future. 


Life Mystery

Premier Insight: Seeing the Unseen

Even though today’s life science has developed into a molecular level of sophistication, the mystery and wonders of life has yet remained unsolved in many aspects. Our expertise lies in improving the immune system and reducing senoinflammation, recognized today as the main cause of disease-development and ageing.

An inflamed cellular environment leads to several issues relating to circadian rhythms, hormone secretion, mitochondrial dysfunction, DNA instability, and the inactivation and depletion of stem cells. Inflammation also leads to the development of harmful senescent cells, which triggers the cycle of ageing and progresses chronic diseases.

By recognizing the electric signals of life energy and detecting the rhythms of abnormal flows within the body, our specialists are able to diagnose the root of sickness and battle the chronic problems way more effectively than traditional approaches.



Integrated Medical: Merging the best of East and West

Most hectic city people are in a state of suboptimal health such as insomnia, nervous system malfunction or unknown chronic pain, but modern western medicine often lacks proper treatment options to tackle the symptoms once and for all.

With our professional diagnosis, our specialists are able to identify the cause of body imbalance, analyze the status of internal organs and systems in the body, and then prescribe the right medicine to formulate a treatment plan for patients in distinctive types of health abnormalities.

We leverage the best of east and west, combining traditional chinese medicine, specific dietary supplements, holistic technologies and big data analytics to improve our guests’ body condition as a whole and optimize their lifestyle in the most comfortable way.



Selective Nutrition: Less Gimmick Less Toxic

As we all know, diet is vital to our health and wellbeing. We are what we eat. Our principle is to make nutritional changes that can prevent or hinder the age-associated functional decline of cells, decrease cellular oxidative damage, improve microbiota in the gut, support a healthy immune system and improve metabolic flexibility. In short, make body’s function better and age slower.

Good nutrition promotes healthy aging by reinforcing your immune system, by protecting your brain, by playing a role in building your muscles, and by feeding your skin, joints and vessels. Our team of nutritionists and doctors constantly improve the supplements we give and teach to our clients, and offer tips to identify the falsehood of gimmicks in social media platforms. Our specialists develop personalized plans for our clients to identify the right elements for their bodies and guide them to a cleaner and more refreshing diet.



Proper Movement: Learn to Breathe

Inflammation, as mentioned before, is now seen as the main cause of disease-development and ageing. In addition, inappropriate exercise often leads to body imbalance instead of fitness improvement. We create and introduce breathing techniques and physical routines that aim to avoid the accumulation of body fat that causes inflammation, as well as to avoid or arrest the age-related muscle loss.

On top of this, the routines will achieve better mobility and flexibility, which has multiple wellbeing benefits. Proper movement helps lower stress levels, increases cognitive and mental abilities, and reverses age-related muscle loss of strength and power. A legitmate breathing practice may reduce mental pressure, relieve chronic pain and strengthen our immune and respiratory system.



Balanced Wellbeing: Back to the Circle of Life

People have long said “healthy body, healthy mind” but this adage can be flipped. Our mental wellbeing is intrinsically linked to our physical health.The fundamental goal of this principle is to reduce stress through techniques such as transcendental meditation, which has proven cardiovascular and ageing benefits and is effective in protecting telomeres: the caps at the end of each DNA strand that protect our chromosomes. Shortened telomeres have been linked with disease.

Many sophisticated therapies are available. New experiences are developed continually within our medical center. Combined with the best technologies available today, they provide guests with highly effective and enjoyable wellbeing programs. Relax and recharge to reduce stress. It will protect your cells, renew your energy and give space to your brain to focus properly.



To summarise, our five-prinicple philosophy uniquely combines the best scientifically-proven technologies and techniques, many of which are exclusive to Ayla Executive Medical, to provide long-lasting benefits.

Medically speaking, this synergistic approach activates a balanced gene expression which then provides instructions to produce proteins associated with longevity, rather than those related to senescence. It slows the ageing process and possibly much more.

Ultimately, this expert approach allows guests to stay healthy, live longer and live life to its fullest, thanks to programs that fulfill every physical, psychological and emotional need. It’s an exclusive experience that helps you step into a different future.