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One-Stop Innovative Solution for Optimal Health
前瞻創新 綜合醫療及健康管理

Our holistic approach to medical wellbeing utilizes a combination of progressive medical expertise, internationally trained specialists and a sensational collection of traditional and alternative ideologies. 

Programs are meticulously created to enhance life to its fullest potential, fulfilling every physical, psychological and emotional need.


Cardiometabolic Fitness Program

Cardio-Metabolic Fitness Program

AYLA takes a holistic approach to improve cardiovascular health. We help our guests achieve cardio-metabolic improvement by performing treatments that refine blood circulation, relieve three-hyper symptoms and reduce physical or mental stress.

moon bullet  心臟調理、心血管風險及健康評估
moon bullet  身心壓力、抗壓能力及神經系統分析
moon bullet  體質分析、器官功能及代謝循環提升
moon bullet  心臟病、三高、糖尿病症狀預防及改善
moon bullet  飲食及生活方式調整、情緒及壓力管理


Bioresonance Balancing Program

Our bioresonance service takes a functional approach to rebalance the energetics of the body. We use machines to identify abnormal wavelengths emitted from the body and equilibrate signals for treatment and detoxification.

moon bullet  全身器官及系統功能檢測 (內能正本)
moon bullet  生物共振排毒及身體能量平衡
moon bullet  食物敏感及營養補充測試
moon bullet  細菌、病毒、寄生蟲測試
moon bullet  重金屬、化學毒測試

Bioresonance Balancing Program
Executive Longevity Program

Executive Longevity Program

Our longevity program takes a sympathetic and preventative approach to managing you and your family's health. Our goal is to tackle the root cause of any health issues, optimizing work performance and hectic lifestyles.

moon bullet  亞健康及長壽專科健康檢測
moon bullet  慢性疾病治療、睡眠及壓力管理
moon bullet  兩性關係及健康輔導
moon bullet  兒童及青少年健康及身心發展
moon bullet  腸胃科疾病及消化問題改善


Aesthetic Essential Program

Our aesthetic services work to enhance skin rejuvenation and help reverse the effects of ageing. We apply natural aesthetic techniques in a holistic approach instead of cosmetic machines with latent side effects.

moon bullet  凍齡微鍼、抗紋V面拉提
moon bullet  全人美態手法、天然豐胸瘦腰
moon bullet  荷爾蒙平衡及婦科調理
moon bullet  不反彈天然體重管理
moon bullet  呼吸調整課程及壓力釋放

Aesthetic Essential Program